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DataOpsWeek - Environmental management

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In January 2024, we held a #DataOpsWeek event with the aims of showcasing our work, learning from our colleagues and building the SAS DataOps community.  Each day had a theme, based on Alexey Vodilin' s 5 pillars for a successful DataOps strategy blog.  Our final theme of the week was "environmental management", which examined design and administration of performant compute environments.  Topics included:



The above considerations are important in today's cloud-native computing paradigm, which focuses on ephemeral resources, modular services and scalability.





Environmental management


Alexey says:"The final pillar in enabling the DataOps strategy is the ability to quickly provision multiple rich development environments in a repeatable and flexible manner.  It allows isolating development work in individual secure sandboxes where engineers can access tools of their choice and necessary permissions for extending their sandbox as needed.  This eliminates dependencies between different versions of multiple tools and technologies that might exist when multiple environments are hosted together and can also save costs, e.g., by turning off a specific environment when needed.


This approach can also be applied to isolated continuous integration and lightweight, secure production environments."



Top environmental management resources


Here's a sampler of topics actively discussed in DataOpsWeek - Environmental Management.


Open-source Integration


Building and updating Python and R


Configuring Python & R integration


Open-source interfaces




Housekeeping SAS Content


Move to Viya




REST API and SAS Viya CLI documenation






The full list


Please click on the following link for a full set of stories tagged with:  "DataOpsWeek - Environmental Management".





As noted in the final wrap up,  content was shared on various aspects of environmental management.  We were exposed to DevOps & CI/CD approaches for smooth Viya deployments, methods to migrate and port content, open-source integration, assessment of existing content, sizing considerations, workload management and REST APIs!  We also had a bit of casual fun experiencing a topic through the joy of a regional accent!


The are many good resources available to help you manage your SAS Viya environment.  In addition to the material shared above, do check out the excellent blogs by David SternStephen Foerster, David Ghan, Uttam Kumar, Mary Kathryn Queen and Nicolas Robert from our Technology Transfer and Governance team.


You can find resources from our other DataOpsWeek themes here:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Orchestration
  3. Continuous delivery
  4. Testing automation
  5. Environmental management (this blog)


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