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Barite | Level 11

Hi All,

To reconfigure the WebDAV URL for the applications, we perform the following steps in SAS Management Console:

1. Select Environment Management ->Foundation Services Manager.
2. Select the application and then select Core ->Information Service.
3. Right‐click Information Service and select Properties.
4. In the Information Service Properties dialog box, click the Service Configuration tab and then click Configuration.
5. In the Information Service Configuration dialog box, click the Repositories tab.
6. Select WebDAV and then click Edit.


is there a way we  can do it via code?

Opal | Level 21

The short answer is yes.


The long answer is you have to unpick the SAS metadata model and metadata interface details to do it.


Personally I think that is a cure that is worse than the disease...


That information is stored in a TextStore in XML format, so it would be difficult to swap out the WebDAV URL. This code will output that stored text to the log for the SASPortal4.4 Local Services application:


data _null_;
	length type id $ 50 st $ 32767;
	call missing(of _character_);
	obj="omsobj:TextStore?TextStore[AssociatedProperty/Property/AssociatedObject/ServiceComponent[@Name='Information Service']/Trees/Tree/SoftwareComponents/SoftwareComponent[@Name='SASPortal4.4 Local Services']]";
	put st;

The relevant segment of that stored text XML looks like this:

<ReposDef auto="true" base="/SASContentServer/repository/default/sasdav" description="" domain="DefaultAuth" hibdialect="" host="" issecure="false" name="WebDAV" port="7980" protocol="dav" proxy="" uid="ece1b792-0a7a-44d3-2b1f-e010219149d7"/>

Depending on what you are trying to change (just the host name or other options) could try reading out the whole stored text, using a function to find/replace the bit you want changed, and then the METADATA_SETATTR function to write it back.



Greg Wootton | Principal Systems Technical Support Engineer

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