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Obsidian | Level 7

Good evening,


we add a custom column to CI_TREATMENT_EXT table that it is hosted on a Teradata DB. The new field must contain a really long string (an url) so we configured a Varchar(2100) and we refreshed Table's Metadata in the SAS Management Console.

Then we created a treatment in SAS Customer Intelligence Studio, we inserted this new detail, we set the detail maximum length to 2100 characters and in the end we inserted a string of 2100 character.


At the moment the system inserts into the CI_TREATMENT_EXT table the value corresponding to this new detail, it truncates the value to 500 characters even if the string is longer.


Could you please help us to understand this behavior? Is there any configuration or variable that truncates a string if it exceeds a specific number of character?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Have a nice day.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

In SAS/Access to Oracle, there is a DBMAX_TEXT option that controls the maximum length, but there doesn't appear to be a similar option with Teradata, unless it's documented in a non-helpful way.


If you do the processing strictly in SAS code, without involving metadata at all, does the same problem occur?  It might help solve the problem if you can determine whether it's in SAS/Access or in the BI interface.

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