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Calcite | Level 5

Hi All - I am having an issue getting the cache locator to start on both the compute server and mid tier at the same time.


If I get it to start on the compute tier - it does not start on the mid tier.


If I then comment out the start of the cache locator in the sas.servers.mid script it will start properly on the mid-tier.


This is how it has been setup and running the past several years.


I have followed note 52670 and checked the mid tier admin guide. All seems to be properly configured.

(always was except in 2 scripts in a particular column we had the ip, not the DNS name - changed to DNS name

  per note 52670 - do not believe it matters - for our setup anyway).


Now I would like it to run on both servers but it's not cooperating.


I want this because I am trying to use the SAS_lsm utility which allows full stop/start/restarts across all tiers from the compute server

  of the environment. However since it has to start the tiers in order - if one tier has a status of NOT UP on service - it will not proceed further - sends an email message warning.


There is no built in currently in SAS_lsm to be able to ignore NOT UP statuses.


If I get the SAS_lsm utility to fully stop/start and I can used this for scheduled stop/starts in cron.


I am on Redhat Linux SAS94._m3.






SAS Employee

Have you been able to start multiple cache locator services outside of the friendly confines of SAS_lsm? I ask as this may be a cache locator specific issue and not necessarily related to SAS_lsm. Will take action accordingly based on your response ...
Calcite | Level 5

well... the start of the cache locator has been commented out on the compute tier in the sas.servers.mid script.


So the only cache locator that has been started is on the mid tier.


Trying to use the SAS_lsm utility looks for a status of up on everything, so when it starts the compute tier

   and sees NOT UP for the cache locator on the compute , the utility quits, sends an email error message

   and does not start the mid tier.


When I uncomment the cache locator on the compute  - it comes up , however for whatever reason

    the cache locator then will  not start on the mid tier.


This left anything running thru a browser not able to work.


I have checked configurations on this environment with another environment where the cache locator's start on both - see no differences.


I have a ticket with SAS and they confirm that the configurations look correct. 


So the solution is to try to get both cache locators to start properly for the SAS_lsm utility to work.


So it's not actually a SAS_lsm utility issue, but something with the cache locators themselves not being able to have both running at the same time.

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