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Barite | Level 11

Hi folks, 


We have a new SAS installation. SAS are in UTF-8 on our Solaris Server, OS is UTF-8 too. When we connect to Sybase or DB2, on data with special characters (ex: á, ñ ) appear wrong. The data is OK on our database. 


We had similar problem with SQL Server, but we fixed adding a encoding information on ODBC.ini file.


Any idea?



Ammonite | Level 13

What is the encoding of source data in DB2 and sybase?

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @MariaD ,


Besides the encoding, I would check the language configuration. DFLANG is a variable that is used to correct the correct language for the data.


What is the SAS/ACCESS module and the driver you are using for Sybase? And the version of SAS and the version of the driver?


Do you have other SAS installations connecting to those Sybase databases?


How do you receive these visualization errors? SAS EG? SAS DI? SAS Foundation? 


Best regards,



Barite | Level 11

Thanks @JuanS_OCS . Our SAS is 9.4M6 and DFLANG is setting to English. Sybase database are en WLATIN1.We use SAS EG. We have SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP ASE. The same occurs when we access DB2 or Sybase IQ. 



Amethyst | Level 16

OK interesting. A few things.


1-  wlatin1 is not a language, it is an encoding. Actually, single-byte, vs the double-byte of UTF-8. This means that what SAS receives or sends is not UTF-8 as you would expect. I would focus on this investigation path as it might be reason, if the something in between is translating from UTF8 to Wlatin1.


2- About DFLANG, please check the language in your database, and in your SAS session. And adjust both and the DFLANG.


3- Check out this hotfix


4- As I heard you have SAS/ACCESS to ODBC, fust for fun and giggles, you could try to set up an ODBC connection to Sybase and see how it goes.



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