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Calcite | Level 5

I hope someone will be able to help me.


I have created a user in SAS Management console and for some reason this profile became read only. So I created a second profile and the user is able to login now , however the user is having issues when running SAS Programs. The user can access the Excel file , but it says invalid sheet name or can't create work table. I could run the same piece of code and it work absolutely fine under my user profile.


Just for narrowing down the issue I would like to delete the read only user profile , how can I delete it ?


Why it became Read only profile ? Please help


The unrestricted admin should be able to delete anything stored in metadata. Working with tech-support on issues like yours is recommended, because revealing details of your sas configuration to the community is not recommended 😉

Calcite | Level 5
How can I contact tech support ? Sorry I am new person to SAS world.
Super User

As a newbie, your first contact should be your local SAS administrator.

If someone threw you into the lion's den by making you the administrator (something STRONGLY recommended against), go here: 

It will redirect you to the SAS website for your region.

Rhodochrosite | Level 12

When experiencing unexpected behaviour from the metadata server you can:

1) Inspect the metadata server logs (my mantra: "thou shalt read log files"). Try to delete read-only user and see what the log tells you. You can bump the metadata server log level from sasmc of temporarely replace its logconfig.xml by logconfig.trace.xml.

2) Run an analysis&repair from management console.


This can at times help resolve this kind of issues.

It it doesn't consider restoring a metadata backup from before the creation of the user that is now read-only. But that may be too late as time has progressed and work was been done since.


Hope this helps,

- Jan.

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