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Obsidian | Level 7


I tried to configure Visual Analytics 7.5 on SAS 9.4M7 (Linux) --> Non-Distributed.


https://hostname:port/SASVisualAnalyticsHub --> seems working

https://hostname:port/SASVisualAnalyticsDesigner --> seems working

https://hosname:port/SASVisualDataBuilder --> seems working.


by "Seems Working" I mean I can connect to the WebApp

When I tried to check the LASR server via the URL https://hostname:port/SASVisualAnalyticsAdministrator there is an error message on the LASR section:







I don't know what to check to fix the issue. Anyone can help me ?

You may want to engage SAS Technical Support here. The logs for the web application server should have some additional detail on where the failure is occurring. From what I've found the message seems related to the web application's ability to call other web applications to authenticate to LASR. From what I've found these is often specific to the middle tier configuration (proxy, internal/external connections, certificates, etc).
Greg Wootton | Principal Systems Technical Support Engineer
Obsidian | Level 7

Hi @gwootton ,


thanks for your reply. I already engage SAS Support.

I will continue to investigate at my side based on your findings.

I already checked the internal/external connection and the configuration are consistent in SMC.

Certificates are also ok as I can access others web applications.

Maybe something wrong in proxies... or somewhere else 
I will let you know if I find (or SAS TechSupport) the root cause of my issue

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