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Fluorite | Level 6


Not able to login to SAS EG for OS users ( eg: sasdemo , sas etc).  (  For AD users authentication is working fine)

For OS users i am getting the Error:


An unexpected Error has occured on SAS Metadata

You are not defied as a user in metadata and connecting as PUBLIC.



Exception Details:
Exception type:  SAS.EC.Directory.Metadata.MetadataException
Message:         PUBLIC user is lacking basic authorization to continue
Source:          EC.Directory
Target Site:     GetServices

Stack Trace:
   at SAS.EC.Directory.Metadata.OMSProvider.GetServices()
   at SAS.EC.Directory.Metadata.OMSProvider.Initialize()
   at SAS.EC.Directory.Metadata.OMSProvider.Connect()
   at SAS.EG.SDS.Dialogs.ProviderConnectDlg.Connect(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)


Opal | Level 21

Check in SAS Management Console User Manager that there are metadata definitions for sasdemo and any other user names with the same error.

Super User

Never, ever use the SAS install user to log in to a workspace server or similar. The SAS install user has total write access to the whole SAS installation, so there is a reason it does not have a metadata identity (which prevents use of workspace servers etc).

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @aneeshv,


can I guess you have a SAS server deployed on a Unix-like server? And if so, the connection to LDAP/AD, how is it being done? PAM or just the Metadata server authenticating against an LDAP tree?


Anyway: try using a loging as : sasuser + "@host". For sasdemo it would be: sasdemo@host.

Meteorite | Level 14

This SAS Support note may help resolve the issue -


Kind Regards,


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Obsidian | Level 7
Is SAS services configured with Linux?
Pyrite | Level 9

In order to authenticate users must have an identity in the SAS metadata server.




Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @aneeshv,


since you opened the question 1 week ago, but we could not get your feedback, I just would like to check with you how is the status of your problem, if it is solved or not, and if any of the answers could help you.


To help other SAS users, if any of those did, please mark it as Solution, and if you found the solution in some other way, please share it with us! 🙂


Thank you in advance,

Kind regards,


Obsidian | Level 7



Generally this error will be displayed if the User is not created in User Manager(Management Console) and you are trying login to Enterprise Guide using that User Identity.


If User is not added in Management Console, you can add the User first and then try to login EG with that identity.


Hope it will solve your issue.




Ammonite | Level 13
Any entity that is not defined in Metadata when trying to connect is treated as PUBLIC and by default PUBLIC Access is denied to Metadata. Could you manually add the user identity of the host to Metadata and try?


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