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Fluorite | Level 6

I am trying to update the licence of a SAS 9.4 Server over Linux, but SAS Administrator Manager does not work.

We do not have any Backup from S.O. and is empty


Would some of you assisting with any document to reinstall SAS Administrator manager, please?


Accepted Solutions

@herborfer - What SAS 9.4 maintenance level are you on? How you update your SAS licence changes depending on your maintenance level. Up to M2 you use the SAS Renewal Utility. After M2 you use the SAS Deployment Manager. 

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Ammonite | Level 13
What do you mean SAS Deployment Manager doesn't work? Are you getting error while launching it? If yes, can you please share the error snapshot?

What products do you have installed on your Linux server? If you don't have any products that require license to be updated in Metadata server then you can run the SAS Setup utility as well to update your license.
To check if you have any products installed that require update of license to metadata server check this KB Note:
You can find the details about running this utility here under section "B. Run the SAS Setup Utility" -
Fluorite | Level 6
This information is in the last setinit_<*>.log, writen a year ago:

Current version: 9.04.01M5P091317
Site name: 'EPO - BI & DI - TEST ONLY - SUP13B'.
Site number: ***********.
Expiration: 29FEB2020.
Grace Period: 62 days (ending 01MAY2020).
Warning Period: 31 days (ending 01JUN2020).
System birthday: 19FEB2019.
Operating System: LIN X64 .
Product expiration dates:
---Base SAS Software 29FEB2020
---SAS/GRAPH 29FEB2020
---SAS/SHARE 29FEB2020
---SAS OLAP Server 29FEB2020
---MDDB Server common products 29FEB2020
---SAS Integration Technologies 29FEB2020
---SAS/Secure 168-bit 29FEB2020
---Unused OLAP Slot 29FEB2020
---SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2 29FEB2020
---SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC 29FEB2020
---SAS/ACCESS Interface to Microsoft SQL Server 29FEB2020
---SAS Metadata Bridge for Microsoft Excel 29FEB2020
---SAS Metadata Bridges for Microsoft SQL Server 29FEB2020
---SAS Metadata Bridges for General Industry Standards 29FEB2020
---SAS Workspace Server for Local Access 29FEB2020
---SAS Workspace Server for Enterprise Access 29FEB2020
---SAS Add-in for Microsoft Excel 29FEB2020
---SAS Add-in for Microsoft Outlook 29FEB2020
---SAS Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 29FEB2020
---SAS Add-in for Microsoft Word 29FEB2020
---SAS Visual Analytics Services 29FEB2020
NOTE: Siteinfo data have been updated.
Fluorite | Level 6

I do no know how to run the SAS Setup. I'd tried typing "!SASROOT/sassetup." but it is not working.

Fluorite | Level 6
I found the SAS Setup utillity, and it shows me only one option: "Renew SAS Software" but not for updating SID file of metadata.
Any idea?
Amethyst | Level 16
The renew SAS software utility is only for updating Base SAS, not for the licenses in the SAS metadata.
Ammonite | Level 13
As I mentioned earlier in my post it’s useful only when you *don’t* have to
perform ‘update SID in metadata’ step.

@herborfer - What SAS 9.4 maintenance level are you on? How you update your SAS licence changes depending on your maintenance level. Up to M2 you use the SAS Renewal Utility. After M2 you use the SAS Deployment Manager. 

Fluorite | Level 6

My current version is 9.04.01M5P091317

Usually I update SAS licenses with SAS Deployment Manager. The point is that is empty, that means 0 Bytes. I do not know how to reinstall the SAS Deployment Manager in my Linux server. Fortunately it is a test server.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @herborfer ,


if you have an empty sasdm script (0Kb), you should try first to recover one from backup. If you cannot, I strongly advise you to contact your SAS Technical Support, providing your current maintenance and hotfix level, so they can provide you the right fix/binary.


Something else you can do is to upgrade-in-place your SAS platform to a newer maintenance, as the upgrade will replace the sasdm with a new one - among many other things.

Of course, only do this if your stakeholders are OK with it, and if you have not done it before, perhaps you would like an specialist to do it for you.


As additional background, the most frequent reasons why files in SAS can go to 0 Kb can be:

a) Your antivirus

b) an old version - probably not your case as I see you are in 9.4 M5 (9.04.01M5)


Best regards,


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