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Quartz | Level 8
Hello Friends, I never involved in renewing SAS 9.4 License, and I have gone through the SAS 9.4 License Renewal Instructions for Unix in sassupport and it is little bit confusing. I would really appreciate if someone can suggest the correct procedure for License renewal. Our environment basically have (1) one Metadata Server , (2) Grid Master, (3) Grid Node (Grid Master and Grid Node are in cluster) (4) 2 Middletier machines which are in clustered, 1) Before renewing the License do we need to stop all the SAS Services on Metadata Server, Grid Master and Node, and Midtier Nodes. If I stop all the SAS Services on all Machines then how the ./sassetup will run and the license can be renewed. and Do I need to run the ./sassetup on all Machines Metadata Server, Grid Master and Node to renew the License. Do I need to Launch the SAS Deployment Manager also by running on all Machines Metadata Server, Grid Master and Node, Midtier Nodes (or) just I need to run it only on Midtier nodes. 2 ) and to Renew the License on the Middle tier Machine I need to Launch the SAS Deployment Manager using the following command as per in the Instructions. SASHOME/SASDeploymentManager/9.4/ but when I launched Deployment Manager I see two options, which option I need to select to renew the License. and What is the purpose of each option, which one would be for the Midtier license renewal. (a) Renew SAS Software, (b) Update SID file in Metadata Thanks for all your help in Advance
Opal | Level 21


If the available online instructions aren't sufficient for you then I'd suggest you contact your countries SAS TechSupport. They should be able to walk you through the process and answer your questions.


Ammonite | Level 13
You would need to renew the license using SASDM on all the machines where you have the SASFoundation Installed on your SASHOME Path.
For Mid-Tier it is not required.

If you are using SAS Solutions that needs the SID file to be updated in Metadata then you would have to do that. List of solutions can be found here -

For this you would have to launch SASDM on Mid-Tier and also Metadata should be up and running.

To renew LSF License file you would just have to rename the license file under <lsf_top>/conf and rename the license file to license.dat and restart the services.

It is always a good practice to stop all the SAS Services and LSF services before renewing license.

hope this helps.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @sasprofile,


the guidelines provided by @Anand_V are correct. Let me summarize and add some points. If you have any question on any of them, please let us know:


  • To update SAS license, use SAS Deployment Manager.
    • For updating SAS Base, on each machine with SAS Base (metadata and compute servers), use the Renew SAS license option.
    • For updating the license for Web Applications, just run SAS DM on one machine (any), as many times as SAS licenses you got for that deployment. On each update, select the Midtier renewal. This will update license on the metadata.
  • Once you update all of them, I recommend a full restart of your SAS services, for the license to take full effect on SAS.
  • For 3rd party products, (LSF, Process Manager, RTM, Grid Manager, DataFlux, etc) I would recommend you to search on SAS technical support website or contact SAS Technical Support. But some headlines for GRID.
    • What @Anand_V suggested is OK for LSF. Remember you need to update additional products.
    • For Process Manager, you can do the same with JS_TOP.
    • Also, I recomend you to not forget RTM, plus RTM should take care to update all your GRID licenses. 
    • Restart your 3rd party (eg, GRID) services once you are finished

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