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As noted in the SAS 9.4 Intelligence Platform Desktop Application Administration Guide, "When you upgrade to a new release of the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, you need to manually replace all non-default roles and capabilities."


In the SAS Add-In 7.13 for Microsoft Office, one new capability was added, "Create or Modify SAS Programs."  Our validated deployment is SAS 9.4m3 which included AMO 7.11; some of our users have updated the client to 7.14.


How do we add that new 'capability' to metadata to control access to the new feature of the Add-In?








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When an AMO 7.13 or 7.14 user attempts to perform an action associated with "Create or Modify SAS Programs," AMO will check to ensure they have the "Advanced" role.  Prior to 7.13, no such checking occurs.


In order to be able to control this new capability in metadata, you need to update your Metadata Server machine with the version of "SAS Add-in for MS Office Server Data" that came with the order containing AMO 7.13 (or 7.14).  Once you've done so, you can also create custom roles (i.e., in addition to the default Advanced role) which specify this new capability.

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I've updated the below SAS note with the new EG 7.13 SAS 9.4TS1M4 metadata roles. You can follow the steps in the note to add the roles to your existing SAS installation without having to run the SAS Deployment Wizard.

Problem Note 46788: The roles for SAS® Enterprise Guide® or SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office are missing from your SAS® 9.2, SAS® 9.3, or SAS® 9.4 environment


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