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in my opinion this is not a good idea.
As i understand you can use a lower release of Platform Suite (e.g. 9.1.3 with SAS 9.4 M6).


It should be fit best if it is on the lowest release you can achive.


Some Information are to find here:
Notice the Information 'initally availabe with SAS 9.4 Mx' on each Platform Release. So a higher SAS Release should not be a problem.


On our Grid Environment we have mixed Releases SAS 9.4 M3 up to SAS 9.4 M6 running with Platform Suite 9.1.3.


Best regards,


SAS Employee

Two versions of LSF will result in two resource managers thinking they have complete control over the machine's resources which will not be the case. Bot could think that a machine is good to launch a job on which will cause two jobs to go to the same machine. Not good workload management.


If your concern is putting a newer version of SAS on a machine without upgrading LSF, that is not a problem. SAS 9.4Mx comes with support for older versions of LSF, albeit possibly with reduced functionality. For example, 9.4M6 will support LSF but ships with LSF

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