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Hi All,


I'am running this logistic procedure. Only the ParametersEstimates table is created, not the modelAnova (even when I used type3 name instead) and NOPRINT options is not activated


/*table of type3 test of effetcs*/

let varX = VarA VarB varC ;

ods output ParameterEstimates = param_tmp ModelANOVA = model_tmp ;
proc logistic data=ds_temp1 ;
by replicate ;
freq numberhits;
class VarClass. ;
model varY  (event = '1') = &varX. ;


this is  the msg I get

WARNING: Output 'ModelANOVA' was not created. Make sure that the output object name, label, or path is spelled correctly. Also,
verify that the appropriate procedure options are used to produce the requested output object. For example, verify that
the NOPRINT option is not used.



Super User

 This is a newer feature, not in SAS 9.3. What version of SAS and SAS/STAT do you have? 


You can check with 

Proc product_status;run;
Calcite | Level 5

Thanks Reza.


For Base SAS Software ...
Custom version information: 9.4_M4
Image version information: 9.04.01M4P110916
For SAS/STAT ...
Custom version information: 14.2

Super User
Your CLASS variable is not in the model so the output is not produced. Try including a CLASS Variable in the model. The way to find this is to go to the details section of PROC logistic, find ODS TABLENAMES section and see what the requirements are for that output.
Calcite | Level 5

Than you Reeza


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What is ANOVA?

ANOVA, or Analysis Of Variance, is used to compare the averages or means of two or more populations to better understand how they differ. Watch this tutorial for more.

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