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I have a survival analysis that I am performing with competing risks (which I am very new at) comparing time to discontinuation of therapy as the outcome. I determined from several methods that my primary exposure, which is binary (1/0) violates the proportional hazards assumption. Since it is my primary exposure of interest, I can't stratify on it, so I figured I would go ahead and perform a piecewise survival analysis from day 0 - 60 and day 60+ as that is where the PH assumption is violated. However, since it is a competing risk analysis, when I try to input the BAYES statement to divide the time axis, I get an error statement that the BAYES statement is not available for the Fine and Gray competing-risk analysis. So I'm a little stuck on what to do since I want to make sure to include the competing risk analysis instead of removing it and treating all the censoring as the event?


The code I have is:

proc phreg data=data;
Class older_45 (ref='0') / Param=reference;
Model CENS_time*CENS_CMPRSK(0) = older_45 / RL EVENTCODE=1;
bayes piecewise=hazard (intervals=(60));


Older_45 is my exposure (an individual being older at age 45 at the start of therapy, yes or no)


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