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It would be nice if I could read from and write to a spreadsheet that has OpenDocument format. The free software packages "LibreOffice" and "OpenOffice" use the OpenDocument-standard format Curently SAS can only handly CSV-file which then have to be laboriously importet/exportet from/to the spreadsheet. This is very cumbersome !!
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Diamond | Level 26
Diamond | Level 26

I am not sure about the reading.  You can use SAS to create native XLSX format (if your on a late version of SAS).  This can be read no problems by OpenOffice.  Also, output from tagsets.excelxp can be opened fine in OO.


For CSV, yes, you need to select comma when you open it. But this is more to with Excel guessing things for you rather than OO.


However I do agree it would be nice to read and write OpenDocument format XML.