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I would like to suggest some minor aesthetic changes to VA on Viya 8.x. The below numbers correspond to my below included image.


  1. Allow the report name to be on the same toolbar as the application name (either left, center or right). Add the ability with the title to include a last modified date or some identifier to show how up-to-date the information is (either from the dataset, a custom calculated column or using the table modified date).
  2. Allow pages of a report to also be similar to the report/page controls and be placed top, bottom, left or right. With the added ability to collapse.
  3. Move the ellipses and other control images to that same top toolbar to free up some space if the "Report Name" is moving to the App name toolbar.

Example of changesExample of changes

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Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you for your ideas, @tuckeraw. In the full screen mode, the banner and other items are hidden. But overall, the team is interested in optimizing the vertical space across the board. It's dependent on underlying UI framework of many SAS products. As we consider new frameworks, the layout could change. But currently, these specific suggestions aren't planned.