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It would be nice if you could combine Containers in VA to create some more dynamic reporting.  For instance you could put a horizonal container inside of a stack container allowing the user to flip

through pairs of visuals together.  This gives you more control over content presentation within a single sheet.

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You will have better luck with your question if you post it to the SAS Macro Facility, Data Step and SAS Language Elements Community rather than in a status update.
Quartz | Level 8

Containers in containers would be nice indeed

SAS Employee

Also multiple report objects on one container. Imagine a 4x4 matrix of bar charts, then scroll to the next 'object' in the stacked report to show one report object which consumes the whole report canvas, etc.

This can be done, somewhat, with different sections, but it would be nice to enable the end user to stay in one section and focus on the report objects there.

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Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented

Thanks for the idea! Containers within containers was implemented in 8.1 (See 8.2 doc: About container objects).

Here are a couple more resources about report layout in VA:

Community article: Design a Report Layout That Works on Different Screen Sizes in SAS Visual Analytics
SAS Global Forum 2018 paper: Tips and Techniques for Designing the Perfect Layout with SAS® Visual Analytics

Tech Talk video: Design stunning report layouts in SAS Visual Analytics