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As promised, this is my last idea for (and or other places, such as the portals or the


It is not really a new idea ( see ) , and definitely not originally mine as others are identifying this new requirement.


I keep observing the implementation of SAS in the clouds (Azure, AWS, Oracle, Google, even Alibaba) is becoming the new common. However, the information on this subject is a little bit spread. Some are doing their best, such as Margaret Crevar, to whom we all are in a lifetime debt. Still, important updates tend to be lost, like a needle in hay. An example I recently found, the AZURE options to support Azure storage systems:


I think that, the same that in the past there is a compilation of documentation (papers, SAS documentation, scripts, etc) for major integration and product subjects, such as Grid, for High availability, in the SAS Focus Area, there should be something similar for the each of the clouds. I can see the SAS for Containers, but not the different Clouds that are surrently under official support.


Thank you for your consideration!

Ps. @SimonMcGrother , tagging you here as well, just in case.

SAS Employee

Thanks again @JuanS_OCS 

You are a goldmine of ideas 🙂
This is certainly something that we should address. It's one of those cases where the technology has unfolded in increments, and so the doc has been created piecemeal. The time has come (is overdue) for a corralling and condensing of the various pieces.

For the next round of SAS Viya docs, things will definitely be more coherent - as deploying to Azure/AWS/GCP will become the expectation rather than the exception. 
But, there's definitely an opportunity to go back and rationalize/consolidate what we have for SAS Viya 3 and SAS 9.4.

Luckily, one of my very best people is the main writer in this area, and I think I can work with her to get you some improvement in the early part of 2021.


And +1 to your @MargaretC comments 

Amethyst | Level 16

Thanks to you @SimonMcGrother 🙂


Yes, I had a look already to some of the documentation for Viya 4/2020 EA and you are right, it seems to go into the right direction indeed!

As SAS 9.4 and the previous versions of Viya will stay with us for a while longer, while customers plan to go to the clouds, I still think it can be  good idea, specially since some recipients are out there for quick deployments 😉


I am really glad to hear you have such a great individual already working with you in that.

I tend to not give ideas without be willing to participate and steer them; so, if any of you would like to chat at any time, you know where to find me!