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I saw a huge improvement in the SAS documentation, and the Libraries here in the Communities. Massive kudos and thanks to everyone involved.


Now with the SAS partnership with Microsoft:


Would it be possible to create a portal focused on this partnership? The content can be where it already is, the point would be offering a view/portal where the resources can be found and prioritized in one go. As I realize it is not being obvious to many, I thought it could be useful.


The idea would be to collect those amazing resources and create subsets by matter of interest:


- SAS Administrator/Architect: architecture, requirements, deployment, quick starts, kubernetes, containers etc

- Programming/Analytics: where some topics might be linked to above, i.e DevOps, SAS Model Manager, etc

- At the top, a handful of resources, the most important ones as main guidelines; then below the full list, which are important, but depend on area of interest.


I.e, my personal top 4 / starting point are:





Perhaps a single SAS Communities Library article would do for starters, but with all the content being shared, it might not be enough.