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Currently in the SAS Customer Intelligence/Marketing Automation UI, when a user is within a specific campaign they do have search capabilities. However the extent of the search capabilities are extremely limited.


The enhancement I am recommending would be similar to the search capabilities that already exist within SAS Enterprise Guide. What I mean is, the search capability in SAS Enterprise guide will search everything within the entire project tree where there are text matches. The main benefit to this feature in SAS EG, that is lacking in SASCI/MA, the ability to quickly and easily locate where certain variables are being used within a campaign. In EG, I can very easily identify where a certain variable is referenced throughout the entire code in the project. However, within the SASCI/MA campaigns, the only way to identify these details is to run a search against the output summary report produced.


Adding this advanced search functionality (for use within the actual campaigns and potentially even at the business context level, so that we can see if a variable/stored process/etc are used) will allow for easier identification and updating of processes through their lifecycle.


Often times, changes can arise where a query needs to be updated to use a different variable, or we need to identify and change nodes where a specific stored process exists. With the way the current User Interface Search functionality works, there is no easy way to find the necessary nodes and make the updates without producing and searching an external document or hoping that the naming conventions of the nodes align with whatever you are searching.

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SAS Employee

Hi @tsap,


Many thanks for your suggestion about enhancing the search functionality in SAS Customer Intelligence Studio.


This request has been entered into the feature request system.


Kind regards,