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When accessing help internet explorer is launched to access help online.


SAS Support say

"I can confirm that the behaviour you are seeing is expected and by design. Please note that the help of some of the procedures point to a specific User's Guide, such as the SAS/STAT User's Guide in the case of the GLIMMIX procedure, and these User's Guides are not part of the offline help files that are installed on your computer. Thus, it is not possible to prevent these from being redirected to the SAS Documentation website."


There are many circumstances when working offline is essential or simply the only option due to lack of internet coverage. The change to online help from locally installed help is a regressive step which limits the functionality of SAS.

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately this is not a roll back SAS plans on making. As an alternative you can find the link to our documentation online which comes in pdf form. These pdfs can be downloaded and brought to computers of this nature.

Fluorite | Level 6

I agree with having the help available locally.  If users search the help within SAS they can retrieve out of date information and be unaware of this (as users do not necessariliy know the version numbers of all the products they use, nor do they necessariliy note the version number of the help information they retrieve from within SAS).  Users would expect the information they retreive when they search within help to be up to date (the screen shot below shows it is not as 14.2 is the latest).





Calcite | Level 5

Definitely agree that the help needs to be made available locally.  It is not logical to be able to search on the help and find answers that are in fact out of date and refer to an old version of SAS.  The help within SAS should be up to date and available locally.