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The format $QUOTE will enclose the value in double quote characters and properly handles doubling up any embedded double quote characters..  It would be useful to have a format that would generated a quoted string using single quote characters.  String literals quoted using single quotes will suppress any embedded macro triggers and can be used in pass-through SQL code.


Perhaps they could add a letter to the end of the format name like they have done with the date formats.

Diamond | Level 26

Depending on what you are doing, it would be very simple to surround text with single quotes. I have done it many times. Can you give us an example of what you are trying to do?

Super User
Super User


There are ways to convert using QUOTE() function, but not with a format.


Say for example I had a table of code/decode values and I needed to generate an SQL CASE statement like this where double quotes indicate an object name and single quotes indicate a string literal.

case when ("oldvar" = 'A') then 'Group A' end as "newvar"

from data like:

oldvar|A|Group A|newvar

If there was a $QUOTES format then you could write the code using PUT statements like this:

if first.varname then put 'case ';
put 'when (' varname :$quote. '=' oldvalue :$quotes. ') then ' value :$quotes. ;
if last.varname then put 'end as ' targetvar :$quote.;


SAS Employee
SAS Employee

I support formats in Technical Support at SAS and will consider requesting a new format for this purpose.  If it's approved it would be for a future release so in the  meantime, here's a solution that uses PROC FCMP to write a function and then PROC FORMAT uses the function as a format.


proc fcmp outlib=work.myfncs.stuff;

function singquote(x $) $200;



options cmplib=work.myfncs;


proc format;

value $singquote(min=3 max=200 default=32) other=[singquote()];



data _null_;

length x $200;


put x=singquote100.;

x="don't worry it's OK";

put x=singquote100.;

x='has "double" quotes';

put x=singquote100.;



/* written to log */


x='don''t worry it''s OK'

x='has "double" quotes'