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I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to use the BY values instead of the old 1970's style BY groups as the default bookmarks. The format "byvar=by-value" is old-fashioned, and not very presentation- or publishing-friendly. While you can change the bookmark labels using PROC DOCUMENT, I would be willing to bet this simple change would replace a lot of PROC DOCUMENT code. 

Super User

I would suggest providing a working example using one of the SAS supplied small data sets of the current "old-fashioned" approach.

Then show for that example your desired output (i.e. book mark values I am guessing).

Obsidian | Level 7

Thanks for the suggestion. Using this code:

proc sort out=baseball;
by team position name;

proc format;
value sal
. = 'N/A'
0-high = [comma15.]

ods proclabel="SASware Ballot Current Bookmarks";
ODS PDF anchor="ANCHOR";

ods pdf file='sasware_current.pdf' pdftoc=2;
options nobyline nocenter;
proc report data=baseball nowd;
by team;
where team lt 'Houston';
columns name position Salary nAtBat nHits nhome nRBI BAvg;
define name / display;
define position / display 'Position';
define Salary / display format=sal. "1987 Salary";
define nAtBat / noprint;
define nHits / noprint;
define nHome / display;
define nRBI / display;
define Bavg /  computed 'Batting Avg.' format=4.3;

compute salary;
if salary ne . then
   salary = salary*1000;

compute Bavg;
Bavg = _c5_ / _c4_;

ods pdf close;

I get the file sasware_current.pdf. What I want is the file sasware_desired.pdf (edited manually with Acrobat for this example - not an option in a production environment.)


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