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There should be a section added to the settings that lets you direct the Log Summary view (which is already structured basically like a table), to a dataset within a sas library folder, or to external format like excel.

It should include options to retain the log output to the window in addition to the external dataset output- you should not have to choose between one output or the other.  Also, it should give you option to limit the output going to the data set to only the content of interest, ie, just Errors,  or Errors and Warnings.


Using Proc Print To just saves all the messy text to a text file.  People need an easy way to send just the Errors for multiple programs to one cumulative TABLE  every day.

Opal | Level 21

Have you already investigated what the SAS Logging Facility could provide?

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration


Thank you for the suggestion. I have documented it for consideration by R&D and product management.


And thank you for using SAS!

Rhodochrosite | Level 12

There's many way to do this, but they change depending on configuration setup and platform.


I have an idea that a "ODS LOG", or "ODS LOG_LISTING", acting like ODS LISTING, could "tee" log output to a text file.  But I also like the idea that that same output destination could output the log to a dataset (as suggested) OR a catalog entry (like PROC PRINTO enables). 


I personally don't like that if I want to use PROC PRINTTO to do the dame, I have to disable my log output to Enterprise Guide. I'd want both.  If I use ALTLOG then I have to use it for the duration that the SAS environment with that configuration, when I want to use it temporarily.  ALTLOG has purpose but it shouldn't be the only way to have two log string streams.   


Thanks for suggesting this and SAS  R&D and Product Management for considering it.


@PhilC I had also have often wanted the ability to use ALTLOG temporarily within a session.  I had submitted this ballot item previously ( ) but the item was archived after several years of not being implemented. That said, Chris H suggested perhaps re-submitting the idea as a new proposal, maybe not tied to AltLog.  The general idea of what I wanted was similar to your ODS LOG / tee idea.  That is, I just wanted a way to write the log to a file, without redirecting the log from the standard log output.  I had thought making altlog executable within a session would be an easy way to provide this functionality.  Anyway, if you want to propose your ODS LOG idea as a ballot item, I would happily upvote it!