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Hello SAS community,

I am currently working on a SAS VA dashboard and in this dashboard I make use of a stacking container.

I have some tabs with content created and now I want to make it possible to jump to the first tab again, instead of clicking back to the first tab.

Is there a possibillity to do this? Or can this only be achieved by selecting 'restore to default report state'?

Hope somebody comes up with a solution...


Arjan ten Cate

SAS Employee

I believe when all the tabs are not able to be displayed in the control bar of a Prompt Container then a ‘List of tabs‘ (square icon) is displayed - located at the far right of the control bar. The ‘List of tabs’ will display all the tabs contained in the Prompt Container. The first object listed at the top of this list will be the first tab in the container.

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration