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Folks, its really discouraging that this is a topic at all.  I love the visual interface for building logistic models in SAS Viya, but if it can't calculate odds ratios I can't use it for research.  This is not some niche thing.  Adjusted odds ratios are a critical component of a huge part of published research.  We've got 20+ fit statistics but no odds ratios?   

I guess I'll keep coding my own models so I can use the output.  Hard for my company to justify paying the exorbitant sums we're paying for something lacking BASIC functionality.




I'm not belonging to SAS R&D, just being a local consultant for advanced analytics in Belgium (Brussels area).

What visual interface are you talking about exactly as we have multiple front-ends to Logistic Regression models : the tasks in SAS Studio, Model Studio, Visual Statistics , ...




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First a caveat: I don't have or use Viya so can't answer Viya specific questions or point to anything other than the documentation.


Second, did you post a question with example data and the sort of code you are currently using in a question on this forum?

Your profile shows exactly one message as I type this, the ballot suggestion, so I am assuming no question asked but possibly you used a different id.


A certain amount of experience tells me that almost no "interactive interface" gets everything available. For somethings that could be because the sheer number of possible interactions between different options is a basic nightmare to provide all the checkboxes/drop down lists/radio buttons/sliders in a reasonable amount of screen space. So quite often get the major bits done with the interface, generate/save the code, and then add the remaining options from the documentation to provide the needed other bits.


It is also possible you are just missing clicking on one box in a "less than obvious" location in the interface.

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While odds ratios are not available in the SAS Visual Statistics logistic regression object at this time, SAS R&D is considering adding that functionality.  I've also forwarded your comments to the developers.  In the meantime, some alternatives are PROC LOGSELECT, the logisticOddsRatio CAS action and PROC LOGISTIC.   


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