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To my understanding there is a limitation in UNIX in graphic 

there are times that we require/prefer to have certain font style such as 'Times New Roman', 'Arial' to label/annotate/with axistable to display statistical summary/text within the figure. 

From SAS support example: specify the TrueType font in individual statements in the Graph Template Language code.  Here is an example:

layout overlay / yaxisopts=(label="Survival Probability"  labelattrs=(family="Times New Roman") tickvalueattrs=(family="Times New Roman")) xaxisopts=(label="Time on Treatment (hours)" ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​labelattrs=(family="Times New Roman") tickvalueattrs=(family="Times New Roman"));
This approach is not ideal, i.e. we need to define the font family whenever we need to display the text, that's many repeated code. I wish SAS R&D can look into this to display all of the graphics text via a custom ODS style, a mapping dataset, an annotation dataset for UNIX. PC SAS can display the proper font style via these ways.