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We have recently been upgraded at our site to the latest EG performance patch 5. Before this, all of the libraries were visible on the list after expanding SASAPP. This has now been replaced with a limit of 500, and a 'browse' option. 


Many of our users have found this inconvenient, as we have over 1000 libraries, and especially since 'work' is not in the first 500. 


There are workarounds, and I know about adding the option to the config files, but this is not an ideal solution as we do not have the right admin access to make the changes ourselves. It would be nice if this was an option within EG's preferences.




SAS Employee

Hi Hayden,


In your  C:\.....\SASEnterpriseGuide\8  install folder there is a file called seguide.exe.config.

Within that file, open in a text editor, you can use a new option to control the number of tables and libraries that will display by default.

Refer to this SAS Note:


Be careful with the commenting within the seguide.exe.config file.

Make a backup copy of the file just in case you need to go back to it.

SAS Enterprise Guide will not open if there is an error in the seguide.exe.config file.


If you need help with this then please open a track with SAS Technical Support.





Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Bill, 


Thanks for getting back to me.


This is what I was trying to get at in my last paragraph; we do not have access to edit the files in the installation directory, including the seguide.exe.config file. We have spoken to the IT admin teams, and tested that we can make this change on individual machines manually, but this is not a practical method to do it for our hundreds of users. We might be able to work with them to automate a process to update everyone's file, but this wouldn't be a quick task with the red tape in place. For our system at least, an option to change this setting from within EG would be very useful. It seems strange to have created this problem in a performance update.


(It was my understanding that this was a place to suggest ideas for future SAS releases, is this not the case?)