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When using pre-assigned libraries and right-clicking to display Properties, Enterprise Guide shows the storage path in metadata (/Shared Data/Libraries/.....). I would prefer to see the physical path of the library instead (as is shown for libraries assigned with the BASE engine).

At least this should be a configurable option, or (ideally) both locations should be displayed.

Community Manager

Sometimes data managers use metadata libraries to obscure the location of a physical data set.  Not the best practice for security, I know, but it's still something that some consider a "feature."


There are programs (like the one in this topic) that programmers can use to list metadata definitions, if they have the permissions.

Super User

Security by obscurity is non-security. I did not know that Al Bundy's daughter is now a "data manager".


Does that "method" prevent running a proc datasets or proc contents?


Agree, in DI Studio I can right-click a metadata library and select "view libname" and a lovely little window pops up showing the full libname statement.  Very handy.


I always think I'll be able to do that in EG, and then remember that I can't, and then open DI studio just to figure out where a metadata library is pointing.