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When I run a program in EG, the log summary shows all notes/warnings/errors, with tabs for each, which I like.


If I have errors, I often want to start by looking at the error messages.  So I click the ERROR tab.  But instead of filtering to show just the errors, this turns OFF display of the errors.  So I have to click it again to toggle it to show the errors, then click the notes tab to turn them off, and click the warnings tab to turn them off.


This always feels backwards to my mind.  I would like it better if when I click on a tab, it selects just those lines.  Even at the cost of needing a separate button for "show all".  I'm sure there's a better way to do it than that.  But the current feature always surprises me.


I'm looking at a long list of log messages with errors buried somewhere within them.  When I click "ERRORS" I'm trying to select those lines, not hide them.






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Rhodochrosite | Level 12

If these were tabs they would "betray" the user somewhat, but I've never had this confusion, seeing them plainly as toggle buttons.

I like the ability to multi-select two or all types of log items...  IMHO, thanks.