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Today, yet again, EG went into endless cyberspace or wherever it goes...couldn't stop it.  Killed the project, tried to reopen the 'backup'...which has a zero file size.  Useless.  All the morning's work gone.


SAS, give us decent backups, autosaves.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Seconded. And you can't really save a program that's running, nor open, edit, and save a separate program in the same instance. I try to remember to save it before it runs, but if I have to kill the process, I've lost whatever I forgot to save.

Super User

Is it a process or program? Programs are backed up but it's a pain to get to them. 


The usual freeze issue I have is caused when trying to open data sets, and I believe it's a network issue. If there's any sort of network blip SAS freezes when trying to access the data but doesn't have a good mechanism for ending that search. 


My guess anyways which could be totally off base. 

SAS Employee

Hi Tom,


This issue is being addressed in SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1.


Exact release date is currently not known.


R&D will be able to provide more specifics at SAS Global Forum 2019.


Unfortunately, there is currently no plan for a 7.x fix for this issue.






Quartz | Level 8

We're experiencing an issue about EG saving changes to already saved programs. The Project Recovery option is set to 30 minutes and I've found that if I edit a program, save it and don't edit it for more than 30 minutes, when I go back into it EG thinks the program has changed (the star appears by the program name). If I undo and then redo the star disappears. We use EG 7.13. Has this been fixed in 7.15 or even in proposed version 8.1?