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In SAS Studio, when you add a repository to the Git Repositories list of tracked repositories, it gives it a name that seemingly comes from the root folder the repository is stored in (the local disk folder, not the SAS Folder name). This name cannot be changed.


In my use case, all of my repos are stored in folders named the same thing - because they're in "[[project]]\src".  So I have all "src" repos, and can't change them.


It would be a better user experience if we either could relabel the repo while we add it (or afterwards), and/or if it defaulted to the SAS Folder Shortcut label if that is what it was added from.


Example: I have a SAS Folder shortcut named "MyProject" which points to //disk/MyProject/src/.  Right now, if I Open a Local Repository based on the repository that exists there, I will end up with a repository named "src".  It would be better to take the name from the SAS Folder shortcut, "MyProject", and further to allow me to relabel the repository with whatever makes sense - particularly as often Prod and Test will be identically named other than a higher level location difference.