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As can be seen here, the default keyboard shortcut layout often interferes with the functions of the client's keyboard, depending on operating system and locale.

It would be of great advantage to make the shortcuts in SAS Studio configurable, so that users can adapt them to their local specifics and their individual preferences.

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented

The ability to manage your keyboard shortcuts is available beginning in SAS Studio 5.2.  The dialog for this is accessible from the main menu Options->Manage keyboard shortcuts menu item.  From here, in addition to managing keyboards, you can click on the ellipse and export and/or import your shortcuts  

Super User

Thank you for the quick response. When will 5.2 be available for On Demand for Academics?

SAS Employee

There currently are no plans to support SAS Studio 5.2 with On Demand for Academics.