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Hello Team,

We recently installed SAS Viya on Azure and we noticed that Azure and SAS infrastructure cost are very high, Below are the instances that were created in Azure during the SAS Viya installation.

aks-cas-18625423-vmssStandard_E16ds_v4 (1 instance)
aks-compute-18625423-vmssStandard_E4ds_v4 (1 instance)
aks-stateful-18625423-vmssStandard_D8s_v4 (1 instance)
aks-stateless-18625423-vmssStandard_D8s_v4 (2 instances)
aks-system-18625423-vmssStandard_D8s_v4 (1 instance)


We have the following questions:

1. Can we reduce the sizing of the Virtual machine scale sets created. As you see in the above table, it is Standard E16ds_v4 and D8s_v4 .

2. How can we control the costs for the service.?

3. Can we Stop the VM's when we are not using the SAS Viya application and Start it again when we use the application?  What are the benefits of doing this.?






SAS Employee

Hi Thimmaiah -


We do not currently offer sizing options.


For now, you can control costs by using the stop / start and scheduled stop / start features that are documented here:


Currently, stopping the deployment will drop your Azure infrastructure costs to ~ $3US per day. We are about to make improvements to this feature so the costs drop to near zero when stopped. And, obviously when the deployment is stopped, there are no metered usage charges for the software.


Please give these features a try and let us know how it works for you.


Best regards,





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