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Quartz | Level 8

Hi All!

I'm new SAS VA 9.4, i have searched google about sas va 9.4, but i was still got the difference between sas va distributed 9.4 and sas va non-distributed 9.4!

Please explain to me mainly and brief...!

Thanks so much!

Barite | Level 11

Very briefly....


non-distributed: LASR analytics servers run on a single host

distributed: LASR analytics servers run on multiple nodes


All depends on your processing requirements.

Quartz | Level 8


Pease tell me the defference between system ar and setup time...


Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @htin,


it will depend a lot on the confidence and experience by the installed/deployer, and the advanced configuration you need to apply (SSL, SSO, Reverse Proxy, etc etc). If you want some directions on estimations I would contact your SAS representative or a SAS partner specialised on deployments of the SAS platform. Anyway, I would leave the deployment to an experienced professional.


Regarding your question, the main difference between the non-distributed and the distributed versions are:


  1. of course and as @nhvdwalt mentioned, the number of nodes/servers, which extends the deployment time
  2. the non-distributed version has limitations on the number of cores and RAM to make available
  3. above limitations will limit also the amount of total data to load into RAM, and the performance on the reports (to keep the same performance, the biggest table cannot be that big), the amount of users you may have, to have good performance....







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