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Obsidian | Level 7


We are designing a report where we want to provide end user with some option to choose the report they want to view dynamically.

for example : Consider 2 reports 1. 4 wheeler sales  2. Two wheeler sales.

 Further each report has some section like (Cars, Trucks etc), and similarly  under Two wheeler we can have section like Motorcycle, scooter ,etc.


Now when  end user will run the report they will see a Main page with the Name of Reports i.e. 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler, when the user will click a category say Car an another page will appear with all subsection name. Like if user will click 4 wheeler options like Car, Trucks, etc will be shown. then if user will click say cars , he can access the report created for Cars.


Can anyone guide how we can design this interface in SAS VA. we are using SAS VA 7.3? till now  I am able to create a text object which can link various Report and subsection  but still not able to achieve the desire idea.


Please let me know if I need to elaborate it bit further.


Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi Manny,

Hope I get you right, but if you insert Images to the main page and link the report sections by theme it will work.

You can create your own images and upload them tot SAS VA.

In this screenshot you see two "buttons" that guide you to a special report page.  (I abuse them to run stored processes Man Wink)

Off course the main page can contain a big number of different Images (read buttons)

Greetings and success.



04-11-2017 19-59-03.png

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Peter,

Thanks for revert.


Yes, It is a solution for sure to use the Imgaes and link it with section or reports. 🙂


But we are willing to design something were an end user will have access to a Share Point and will provide  them a Link to HTML page there. We will provide them  with options as I explained  earlier and when he will choose a drill down link,, like within 4 Wheeler reports related to  Cars only, it will take him/her to VA Environment. I haven't worked more on Stored process, but  I know we can design a web page using them. The challenge is how to link the output of those web pages to a specific section or a specific report in VA.

Thanks & Regards,

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi Manny,

yes it does work with SharePoint of i-Frame will work.  (SAS Tech support as source)

Sadly I have no info how to do this, because I never used it before.


Greetings and succes



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