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Calcite | Level 5

Sankey diagram is very useful for tracking the trajectory of the event, even a cohort of customers .... however, currently I am facing an issue, sankey disgram can deal with drop off earlier case, but how to deal with the late entry cases?

 For example, there are 5 steps for my event ( ie. step 1 to 5, entry at step 1 and ended at step 5), a part of the cohort can finish at step 4, and a part of the cohort can enter from step 2 or step 3, how should my dataset be structured for the late entry situations?



SAS Employee

Hi, The path analysis algorithm does take care of this for you. Given your transaction data set - late entries are determined by their sequence appearance. Have a look at the blog at (a little dated but it shows the structure of the expected data set). In this example the customer 'Jane' views web-page B as the first entry whereas everyone else starts with page A. So Jane is coming in one step later as the rest. Obviously this is very basic path - but the same applies to larger paths and scenarios.

Hope this helps. Falko

Calcite | Level 5

Thanks Falko,


but I'd like the B (Jane's start point) at the same column as John's B, for example A, B, C, D are time related event, we'd like they are line up as a time series.


Please see the attached mock-up graph, the red circle part



SAS Employee

Ah I see. Sorry I misunderstood your question. No, unfortunately in path analysis related events need to have the same start sequence in order to join. If you have a path with only a portion of the events - it's considered a separate path. What you may be able to do - is to use dummy values for the events the customer is not yet part of the main path (e.g. missing value). So a table structure like this with Jane joining in at C:




..would produce a diagram like this (screen shot is using the newer version of VA 8.x so slightly different):


Not exactly what you were after but hope this helps.


Cheers, Falko

Calcite | Level 5

Thanks !


that's the method I am using. I use "." instead of "Missing", it works perfectly in the Event view (only showing a dot , no flow from . to real event), but not looks nicely for the pathway views , ie including the . event (blank event) in the pathways.


Anyway , thanks a lot ! hopefully SAS VA new version will consider this scenario .






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