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Quartz | Level 8



I want to visualize a funds tracker (example given in screenshot).


Planning to use path analysis for the same. But not getting correct visualization. Can someone suggest if we can achieve it and how?


SAS Employee

Hi, Yes, I believe this should be possible - the screenshot you provided shows a generic sankey diagram. What exactly are you struggling with? Maybe you can provide some details e.g. snapshot of the data.


You may also find some related discussions useful as those cover details such as expected data structure and role assignments:



Hope this helps. Falko

Quartz | Level 8

hello Falko,


Thanks for your response. All the examples i saw shows the progress of events. What i want to show is a transnational database:


Tx id              Date                        Sender Address                            Reciever Address                                     Amount

312314 30-Sep-19 Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) Arielle Sixsmith 89.1243
312315 1-Oct-19 Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) Michael Vincent Hazel 46.876
312316 2-Oct-19 Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) Catherine Kelsey Prescott 72.72727
312317 3-Oct-19 Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) Ashley Simon Kaniewski 61.70213
312318 4-Oct-19 Kingfisher Airlines Haydn Simpson 25.1324
312319 5-Oct-19 Kingfisher Enterprises Paul Telford 20.136
312320 6-Oct-19 Kingfisher Enterprises Masroor Ahmed Siddiqui 87.12374
312321 7-Oct-19 Kingfisher Enterprises Hameeda Asif 70.5693
312322 8-Oct-19 Kingfisher Enterprises Anila Gulzar 6.25
312323 9-Oct-19 Kingfisher Enterprises Abdul Aziz 77.77778
312324 10-Oct-19 Kingfisher Enterprises Asma Noor Ahmed Bharuchi 83.92857
312325 11-Oct-19 Kingfisher Services Limited Pinhas Schapira 81.81818
312326 12-Oct-19 Kingfisher Services Limited Igal Mark Scheinberg 6.52174
312327 13-Oct-19 Kingfisher Services Limited Rafael Ashkenai 11.76471



I want the flow going from Sender address to receiver address with amount defining thickness. Unable to define such a flow. 


Please help.

SAS Employee

Well, I don't think your data structure is suitable for path analysis. A sankey diagram is a bit like a network diagram as it shows lines (paths) between nodes (events) appearing over time. So for instance an event (e.g. a product purchase, a registration, a cancellation, etc.) which occurs over and over again during a specific time period. A sankey diagram would show you the number of people going thru such an event - so you can measure effectiveness or general volume.


In your case - you have a transaction data base with a distinct event per transaction. I'm not sure what output you would expect given your sample data - but given your 4x senders (transaction identifiers) and receivers (events) - it would render like this:


Given a receiver doesn't appear more than once in your data across different senders - the sankey never connects paths here. Hence you have such horizontal lines here - one for each sender.


You may also consider using a network visualization instead. Given your 4x senders and amount sent to an address - it may render like this:


It doesn't do too well with dates/times but may still be useful to see overall relationship between senders/receivers.


Sankey diagrams are mostly used to visualize paths (hence you find this under path analysis in VA) - so it may not be as useful for visualizing a distinct list of unique transaction details.


Hope this helps. Regards, Falko





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