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Pyrite | Level 9



We want to use visual analytics as report portal for our users.


We have different appartments who needs to see specific reports and visual graphs on their report page. In the old days we used BI server portal in order to show/filter the raports. But how are things in that relation in VA?


1. I can see that it is possible to create your on customized homepage with collections (which can be filtreret user group wise). But some how it does not look nice.


2. I have tried to create a VA report with links. I can look great. But the problem is that it is that i can not hide links (to the reports) and I it seems not possible to import report collections (where I can filter per user group what is visible).


3. A possibility is to build up a eg. HTML page outside VA - but then the issue is lower performance as i takes time to load the VA hub every time and therefore I think it is better to build it in SAS VA?


Do you have any ideas how to progress or some examples or hint??


Thanks in advance.





Rhodochrosite | Level 12

We have a case where we added links to the reports on the intranet (sharepoint).

Our links are visible to all users, which is'n perfect, but good enough for us.


We removed all menues so that our users never get into the hub-interface. Our reports open pretty fast.

We use this kind of link:




The easiest way to find the values are to open an existing report and then select send. In the mail you will find the standard link to the report and you can pick the different values and insert them in the link above.




Fluorite | Level 6


User can set initial screen manually at the SAS Visual Analytics Hub settings.

But Administrator not able to set this by group wise or globally.
Maybe you can contact SAS Technical Support and request for this features.




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