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I'm trying this: I've created a simple table (excel sheet) with 12 month numbers (1 through 12 for each month of year) and the corresponding month names in a second column.


Then I'm creating a calculated field in my main data that extracts the month from the Report Month -- so now I have a Month Number in both tables. I want to join these two tables on Month Number. Using a Left or Outer join. I'm hoping to force the 12 month numbers into the joined data, thus months with null patient count values will still be displayed.


I heard in a SAS Explore Training yesterday with Dominique Weatherspoon that I can only create a join using a Calculated Item with SAS Data Studio -- but it can't be done in VA. Do you know how to do that? I haven't figured it out yet. This is my first time in Data Studio... I can get to the join piece of it but I don't see the option to use the calculated field I created for Month Number.



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