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Obsidian | Level 7

I have a parameter (named "MBP") generated by a list checkbox.  The list correctly generates a series of comma separated values and I can see it in the "Roles window when I mouse over the parameter.  However, when I try and pass it into a URL action from an action on a list table ("&Store_ID=MBP") it comes out printed as "MBP" instead of the composite values the Parameter is supposed to represent.  
What am I missing here?  I would use the drop down in the action creation menu, but doesn't list my parameter (maybe because it's not on the list table, but on the same page in a list checkbox).  Just about all the documentation on URL building is for sending static variables, not ones generated by a list like this.  Any help would be appreciated.

Obsidian | Level 7
I've also tried to make this value a "calculated item" that I can put in the table to pass it to the job as one string, but the calculated item won't take the character list and won't parse it.

Have a look at this article by @Renato_sas it shows how you can call a job and pass data to the job.


To have the value of a parameter available, you need to use the parameter in the filter pane of the DDC object, see example below, where typeSelection is your parameter

IF ( 'typeSelection'p IsSet )
RETURN ( 1 = 1 )
ELSE ( 1 = 1 )

This will ensure, that the values of the parameter are available to the job called in the DDC. See the Json passed to the DDC. 



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