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Obsidian | Level 7

going to be assigned to a project with SAS LAZR and VA.  never worked with the new product before.  from what i read, it loads data into memory for faster processing.  now, for the project, we will use MySQL database and we need to load the data to SAS LAZR.  as the team puts it, "SAS programming of reading from MySQL and then writing to SAS LAZR".


for most part, this should be straight forward SAS programming right?  maybe some new proc specific to SAS LAZR?


also, how is the data loaded from MySQL to SAS LAZR?  is it just 1 time load in which i program something to load the data or something else?


once data is loaded, VA should be similar to previous version of BI Dashboard, SNA etc.?  you just select the loaded tables and proceed with the BI programming?



Tourmaline | Level 20
I think that a good starting point is Global Forum papers on the subject. There are also white papers, YouTube videos etc available.
If you should participate in a project, I think that training is in place.
Data never sleeps
Obsidian | Level 7

thanks.  unfortunately, don't think time allows training at this point.  was a pretty short notice.  i will try to get some training scheduled but may come at end of this small project.


anyhow, did some reading last night and it seems i just have to use proc lasr and other proc to start/stop/load/unload or manipulate data in lasr engine.  i suppose VA is integrated in that it will just present report using the in-memory data.


i guess my question is, is loading data into lasr engine a manual step?  everytime there is new data, we need to run proc lasr to append?  no real time synch?  hope i am asking the right thing.  lol

Tourmaline | Level 20
"Real time" is kinda strong term. By default i would say no. Perhaps that's possible to set up, but do uu really have a requirement for real time? Or is for convenience you're asking?
Automation on the other hand should be manageable. But that comes later in my mind, the start of a project need to concern more about which data is needed, how to present it, and to whom. Automation would be part of a integration test / roll out.
Perhaps you can see LASR just as another storage/data area, that happens to be in RAM.
Data never sleeps



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