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Fluorite | Level 6



I was wondering if anyone know if its possible for VA report consumers to be able to upload a list to be used by them to subset the data in a report?

Occassionally there is  a need for report consumers to  filter a report by customers but there could be up to 10k custromers , which obviously they can't manually select. 

There would be  a need for report consumers to do this regularly on different sub-sets of the popluaiton and they only have access to reports via the viewer.






Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi DW,

please consider labeling the customers with the related key-account number or so. (Your list of customers)

now you can put a rows restriction on the database, so depending on the log-in, they can/will only get their own related customers.

This way, I filter out the customers results by int/ext representatives in most of our reports. (Code related to Cust_nr)

If this is what you would like, I can explain it a little more.


Greetings  Peter


Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Peter,


Thanks for responding.


Unfortanetly I don't think I was clear. I guess a better way to describe it is a list of accounts are passed from department A to department B for "auditing", so to speak. So noone actually owns the account so there is no operator to account identifier (the list could be passed from any individual in department A to any individual in department B).

Of course a work around is to assign this join and have the administrator load up the table as required, but we are in a development phase so a) not sure how much work that would mean on an ongoing basis and b) thought I would see if the capability existed.


Thanks again



Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi DW,

thanks for your additional explanations.

i am not aware of any solution within VA other than uploading the department a selection into a table and pass this to VA.

the related Querry for department b then can be filtered for this customer list.

a) don't worry, effort to do this is small.

b) thats wat this community is all about.


greetings Peter



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