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Obsidian | Level 7

Hello everyone. Just want to say that brand new SAS VA in Viya is fun.

But going back to my question. Let's asssume that I have:
report R

data source D_i

users U_i

parameter P_i

Now I wonder if user U_1 can get his very own "view" of D_i (meaning D_1) basing on passed values P_i without overwrting D_0?
My understanding of dashboards here is very Classic. By above I mean to have just one data source D assigned to one Report R.

I have already built a HTML form where user U_i can pass values to parameters P_i to get brand new D_i. So in my case data source D of dim nxM has volatile n and fixed M.
The problem I might experience now is that U_1 can overwrite D_0 by his D_1. So after few moment U_0 can see diffrent data than he expected since D_1 is filling up the visualizations now.

I'm open for Python ideas

Thanks in advance for any advices and the time spend over my question.
Happy data crunching

Opal | Level 21

I believe if the loaded table is session scope then there won't be any risk of overwriting - and it could have the same name in different sessions/for different users. Question is if you want to re-load the table for every new session.

Not sure if/how you can define a report that dynamically can use differently named data sources.

Obsidian | Level 7
Thank you Patrick for your reply
The first part about session scope tables sounds really interesting. Maybe that would be possible if the data source used by the Report would be stored in CASUSER caslibs? In my current understanding CASUSER caslib works kind of as WORK library of SAS BASE. The concept of session scope tables seems worth checking - thanks. The "challenge" here seems to be a possibility to keep the very same name of the Report (R) along with multiple "session scope" data sources (D_i)



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