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I'm wondering if it's possible to make a graph's axes and layout static so that the shell of the graph stays the same but that data can change if you apply report or page filters. For example, I have a bar graph with lattice columns A, B, C, & D. If I apply a report (or page) filter that doesn't have data for lattice B, that entire lattice column is removed from the table and I only see lattices A, C, and D. I'd like to keep the lattice column (and rest of the graph) the same but display it as empty (or 0%). 


I have tried building a custom graph but the lattices still disappear when I apply a filter. I have also tried adding dummy filler lines to my data set but this didn't work either. Any other ideas? Is there a setting for this maybe?



SAS Employee
Hello MClay,

I don't think there is an easy option to get what you want to do here.

When you tried adding dummy rows to your data, did you leave missing values, or did you insert values of zero? Adding zeroes should work, but it might have undesired effects (it might change averages, for example.)

Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Sam_SAS - thank you for responding!


I did add 0s to the dummy lines of data but this does indeed inflate a calculation in the graph. However, even with those 0s, VA doesn't display the lattice column because it is 0s across the board for the entire section of responses for the variable. 


I tried creating a parameter and linking it to a filter with all 4 of the lattices selected, then testing the report filter but this did not keep the graph axes fixed. Do you have any ideas for a workaround? 




SAS Employee
I don't have any other ideas, but maybe someone else will.

Meanwhile, please go here:

and create a feature request ('idea') so that the development team is aware you'd like to have this feature.



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