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Quartz | Level 8

Hi All,


Wanted to understand what should be be the correct architecure for using live data in SAS VA.

I have data in SQL Server and wanted to have upto date data in SAS VA Report. If there is any change in SQL Server data it should be reflecting in SAS VA reports as well.

I know using CAS LIB we can connect SQL Server tables but whether that it will make sure that as soon as the data is updated in SQL server it will start reflecting in SAS VA reports.




Anurag Rai


The report will show whatever data is in the currently loaded table. Are you seeing something different? 


If you are asking how Visual Analytics can read the SQL table direct, that is not possible. Visual Analytics uses data sources that are loaded into memory. 

Quartz | Level 8

Hi Madelyn_SAS,


I am seeing the right data which is loaded in CAS server there is no discrepancies in data.

In my requirement  am looking for a solution in which any update in SQL Server Tables should reflect in SAS VA reports. It is very simililar to Live data option which is being used in Tableau.


Hope my requirement is clear.



Anurag Rai

Super User

You could only get this when any change on the database triggers a new CAS load in SAS. A "live" direct connection to a DB can only be done in SAS 9.4 or Viya with a SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME.


@anuragraishines  - Check out these library articles about loading CAS in near real time with SingleStore. And this one.


With traditional databases like SQL Server, I suspect you will have to run regular load jobs in VA to stay up-to-date. How close to "real time" do you need to be? If being up to one hour behind is OK, then running a load job every hour would meet your needs.

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