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Obsidian | Level 7



In SAS EG I have DATETIME values like this with format DATETIME22.3:


When I open the same data in VA I receive the data like this:


Why is the last part ''.340'' gone? I also cant adjust the format because all I get is this:




A critical note: I use SAS VA 7.5

Pyrite | Level 9

Hello @Andalusia 


Many new date formats were introduced in VA8.3, including millisecond, week and quarter formats. My understanding is that VA7.5 doesn't support milliseconds. Sorry about that.


Best regards,


Obsidian | Level 7
It seems to me that a lot of people are struggling with this. Are their really no other ways to tacke this problem?
SAS Employee

What about this as work-around. Keep a separate column carrying the value in milliseconds in your data for VA. Let's call this column 'milliseconds'.


In VA - create a new calculated field using formula (dtime being your datatime column)

'DTDATE7.'), ' '), Concatenate(Format(Hour('dtime'n), 'Z2.0'),
Concatenate(':', Format(Minute('dtime'n), 'Z2.0')))), Concatenate
(':', Format(( Second('dtime'n) + 'milliseconds'n ), 'COMMA6.3')))


..and use that as category role in standard line or other charts. Sorry for the rather long formula - but it's pretty much just taking apart the datetime information and concatenates the milliseconds into the given string so that information isn't lost when rendering. Only disadvantage is, that the given field is of character type but shouldn't matter too much for you rendering unless you plan some advanced time based calculations. You may also have to tweak above formula if you encounter any sorting issues given this is now sorted by the character value (e.g. by using YY/MM/DD numeric formatting instead)


Hope this helps. Falko



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