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Fluorite | Level 6

I'd like to increase the number of predictions in the text input object, i.e. if I have a list of names and I start typing 'al' in the text input box, it brings up all the options that contain 'al'. The issue is that it displays top 20,000 rows (there are about 1M rows in the data).

I found a few recommendations, but none of them worked:

- Override system data limit locally within the report object .

- Increased MaxRowsLookup in Environment Manager 

- Added midtierAllocationByteLimit to the Report Data service properties and increased to 500,000,000 as suggested here


Based on the server log in VA, the limit is still 20,000:


START:			MultiResultQueryManager.initialize
sas.reportdata.defaultMaxCellsProducedrow limit :250000 sas.reportdata.custom.protobufSizeLimitrow limit :48000 sas.reportdata.custom.expectedMaxCharsPerColumn sas.reportdata.custom.midtierAllocationByteLimit mid tier protect row limit:20000 sas.reportdata.custom.expectedMaxCharsPerColumn sas.reportdata.custom.midtierAllocationByteLimit aggregate estimate row limit:4900 sas.reportdata.custom.expectedMaxCharsPerColumn sas.reportdata.custom.midtierAllocationByteLimit summary estimate row limit:4200 sas.reportdata.custom.categoryCardinalityServerLimit row limit:50000 time elapsed:7251milliseconds, total elapsed:7254

 Any ideas what or how to increase the number of rows?


Thanks in advance!


Assuming this is Visual Analytics on SAS Viya, in edit mode, select the text input control and then press CTRL+ALT+Q. On the 'snowman' menu, select False for retrieve from cache. The other options should be OK. Click the little arrow to re-run the query. This will add a few tabs to the window. Display the o Results tab. What are the rowCount and availableRowCount in the <DataFile> tag. 

Obsidian | Level 7
Could you please explain what menu is this 'snowman?



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