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Meteorite | Level 14

//Contact me to learn how Metacoda software can help keep your SAS platform secure -
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10


I am already using conditional grants in VA6.2 and prefer not to use users but groups. This way its much easier to control the access to restricted data via groups control. (purely metadata)

Shortly we will upgrade to 6.3 and I am interested in the ACE Reviewer, looks nice to have a simple overview of the definitions.  (great)

The blog is very clear, so new users must benefit from it.


Meteorite | Level 14

Hi Peter,

Thanks for sharing what you have done and I agree that it is best to use apply security on groups rather than users for the reasons you state. One of the reasons why I applied the conditional grant on a user was to show how the Metacoda Plug-ins ACE Reviewer can easily highlight across all ACEs when a user reference is being made on an ACE entry via a warning indicator and tooltip as you can see in the Metacoda Plug-ins ACE Reviewer screenshot 

I appreciate your feedback on the blog post and if you are interested in trying out the Metacoda Plug-ins in your own environment, we offer 30 day free evaluations. You can make a request at Metacoda Account Registration / Software Evaluation

Kind Regards,


//Contact me to learn how Metacoda software can help keep your SAS platform secure -



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