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Calcite | Level 5

Dear All,

I want to know the secuity aspect of SAS VA.

In case of device theft, I blacklist the device from manage environment ''manage devices'' but I want to know what happens to the data in it. Whether the data will be flushed automatically or it will be still there in the mobile DB?


Meteorite | Level 14

Hi There,

I have demonstrated blacklisting an iPad a number of times when I teach SAS VA courses for SAS Education Australia. Upon blacklisting a device within SAS Visual Analytics Administrator (manage environment) the next time the device attempts to connect a dialog appears on the iPad stating that a connection cannot be made. When the dialog is closed all existing downloaded reports and the connection details are removed from the device.

Kind Regards,


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Calcite | Level 5

Michelle, thanks for your quick reply. I am looking out to know the data associated with the reports that gets saved in Mobile Database, Will that be deleted too?

coz internally the database will store the data in a schema structure that has been passed on will not be hard task to retrieve the data...a hacker or a tech geek can do it. It's the concern of one of the customer that I discussed with.

I am aware of connection deletion and report deletion that I've done earlier but I am bit concerned about residual data that gets saved in mobile database. It becomes  important when it is a sensitive business data. your view/ suggestions pls.

SAS Employee


The data will be deleted from the device.


Murali Nori

Calcite | Level 5




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